Pound Cake: It’s Good Enough, and It Tastes Great

I am no baker. My grandmother, one of the most intuitive and clever cooks I've known, was no baker. She did make great biscuits, but those were biscuits. That's different. In fact, whenever Grandmother needed a cake made, she would call Aunt Mayretta and have her do it. Aunt Mayretta was known for her cakes, … Continue reading Pound Cake: It’s Good Enough, and It Tastes Great

Alabama Eats: Nicks in the Sticks

Nick's Original Filet House (aka Nick's in the Sticks) is one of Alabama's oldest restaurants, serving great steaks at fantastic prices for more than 75 years. Photojournalist Brittany Faush and I went there for dinner recently, and we share our experience on Alabama NewsCenter. You can read our entire story here. My biggest takeaway (other … Continue reading Alabama Eats: Nicks in the Sticks

Update Your Space in One Afternoon

I had the opportunity to sit down with Birmingham design expert Lisa Caldwell Flake for a story in Portico Mountain Brook. Lisa has a stunning sense of style, and she comes by it honestly. Her mother, Mary Ruth Caldwell, is a designer, too. The mother-daughter team at Caldwell Flake Interiors works to uncover the character of a … Continue reading Update Your Space in One Afternoon

Local Bites: Tropicaleo

Gabriel and Maria Isabel Marrero whetted Birmingham's appetite for Caribbean foods with some highly popular pop-up shops. Now their Puerto Rican kitchen, Tropicaleo, has a permanent home at 4426 4th Ave. S. in Avondale. This is a bright, cozy space serving authentic Puerto Rican cuisine made with fresh, Alabama ingredients. It's a perfect fusion of … Continue reading Local Bites: Tropicaleo

Dinner at My House: Put an Egg In It

We made Melissa Clark's shakshuka from the New York Times Cooking website all fall, and this North African dish of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce had become my go-to. Wanting to change things up a bit, I decided upon the Southern Italian version of this, Eggs in Purgatory. Then I got sidetracked by Ande ki … Continue reading Dinner at My House: Put an Egg In It