Alabama Eats: The Bright Star

A Brighter Star Alabama’s oldest restaurant, The Bright Star in Bessemer, is looking a little brighter these days. First know that this restaurant is a real treasure. I’m not just referring to the delicious Southern (and Greek) food there. The hand-painted murals in the main dining room have been restored recently to the kind of … Continue reading Alabama Eats: The Bright Star

View from Notre-Dame’s Towers

The awesomely grotesque chimeras (including the famous le Stryge) high above Paris were a few of the rewards for climbing the more than 400 twisty, corkscrew steps all the way up to the belfry of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral.  There are safety nets everywhere you look, but there also are little holes in these nets--just … Continue reading View from Notre-Dame’s Towers

10 Things I Learned as Mother of the Bride

1. Open a dedicated checking account. Our daughter made a budget (with extra money for unexpected expenditures), and we opened a checking account with that amount. She was great about keeping up with everything on a spreadsheet, and she and her husband-to-be could spend the money as they wanted--and keep what was left over! 2. … Continue reading 10 Things I Learned as Mother of the Bride