Fox 6 Books: April

Fox 6 Books:  April

Here's what I brought to WBRC Fox 6 on April 2: Two of these books—one for adults and one for kids—are by local authors! Then there’s an important book about African-Americans and our country's history and a moving novel about some brave young women set in India. Glory Road, the new novel by Birmingham author Lauren K. Denton, is about [...]

Fox 6 Books: March

Fox 6 Books:  March

Here's what I brought to WBRC Fox 6 on March 5: Two of these books—one fiction and one not—are about spies. Then there’s a cookbook of sweets by a local author and a literary thriller—perfect for vacation reading. Transcription is by Kate Atkinson, one of my favorite authors who wrote Life After Life (one of my favorite books [...]

Fox 6 Books: February

Fox 6 Books:  February

Happening now! Here's what I brought to WBRC Fox 6 on February 5:  a fun children’s book about some important Birmingham history by a local writer; an unusual salute to the Tuskegee Airmen during Black History Month; and hot, new (I mean brand-new) fiction. Meet Miss Fancy is a heartwarming story by Irene Latham with illustrations with illustrations John [...]

Fox 6 Books: January

Fox 6 Books:  January

Happy New Year! Here's what I brought to WBRC Fox 6 on January 1. Let’s the year off right with some advice on gracious living then move on to a gritty novel, a gripping thriller and an unusual memoir. Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon is subtitled What Growing Up in the South Taught Me About Life, Love [...]

Fox 6 Books: December

Fox 6 Books:  December

Here's what I brought to WBRC Fox 6 on December 4. These books are as much fun to give as to receive.  You Asked for It!:  My Clients’ Favorite Recipes Rosalyn Bloomston has been cooking and catering and delighting her clients for more than three decades. Now, this Birmingham author shares her most-requested recipes with all of [...]

Fox 6 Books: November

Fox 6 Books:  November

Here's what I brought to WBRC Fox 6 on November 6 when I introduced viewers to some of my favorite books. Three are new. One is an old favorite. And there's something for everyone. Really.  The Wildlands, by Abby Geni, is a true page-turning literary thriller. When an F5 tornado ravaged their small Oklahoma town, the McCloud siblings [...]

Fox 6 Books: October

Fox 6 Books:  October

Here's what I brought to WBRC Fox 6 on October 2 when I invited viewers to fall for a great book. Cozy up with these great reads—one book of historical fiction by a local writer, two books about civil rights at home and far away and something just for fun. Becoming Mrs. Lewis, local writer Patti Callahan Henry's [...]

Fox 6 Books: September

Fox 6 Books:  September

Here's what I brought to WBRC Fox 6 on September 4. I think it's time to hit the books! Let’s go back to school with a book about sorority rush, another that is taught in colleges right now and two thrillers just for downtime fun. Rush proves once again that Lisa Patton is good at semi-autobiographical books (her debut [...]

Fox 6 Books: August

Fox 6 Books:  August

Here are the books I brought to WBRC Fox 6 on August 7. Enjoy a peek inside my beach book bag of escapism, mostly, and some education as well: Three page-turning novels and one nonfiction book about rats. Trust me on that one; it’s quite an interesting read. The Last Thing I Told You (William Morrow), by Emily Arsenault, [...]

Fox 6 Books: July

Fox 6 Books:  July

Here are the books I brought to WBRC Fox 6 on July 2. There's a long look at To Kill a Mockingbird, a World War II novel by one of the best writers of our time, a highly personal novel by Southern writer Silas House and a creepy thriller that is beach-perfect.  Why To Kill [...]