The Kitchen Sink

The other day, I took a cue from my smart, stylish neighbor and found a new home for the dish soap at my kitchen sink. It’s an incredibly tiny tweak to this constantly used space, but it makes me really, really happy.

My problem:  I just didn’t like seeing the dish soap on a counter that I work hard to keep clear and neat. I never could find a pretty dispenser that would hold up to frequent use, and reaching into the under-sink cabinet every time I needed the soap just annoyed me.

So I bought a small jester’s crown fern (just a little six-inch pot) and put it into a copper container. Then I put a small bottle of dish liquid in there with it. Just the 8-ounce bottle that I can refill when necessary. The nice, fluffy plant hides the utilitarian soap container beautifully and adds some living greenery to the kitchen.

Win. Win.


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