Alabama Eats: Nicks in the Sticks

Nick’s Original Filet House (aka Nick’s in the Sticks) is one of Alabama’s oldest restaurants, serving great steaks at fantastic prices for more than 75 years.

Photojournalist Brittany Faush and I went there for dinner recently, and we share our experience on Alabama NewsCenter.

You can read our entire story here.

My biggest takeaway (other than a perfectly cooked filet) was what owner Carla Hegenbarth told us:

There’s a “closeness” here, a sense of “togetherness,” she says. “When people come in here, they talk to each other. They don’t get on their phones; they don’t watch TV. They talk to each other, and they talk to the other people around them.” This “bonding experience” is what makes the long waits seem less long she says, adding, “the Nicodemuses don’t hurt.”

Nick’s is known for the filets, the onion rings and a rum-punchy drink called the Nicodemus. I tried them all. My four-ounce filet, served with a side and a salad and some bread, cost only $10.50. In fact, dinner that night was less than $20 … with a nice tip.

You should know that if it’s your first visit to Nick’s you’ll get a complimentary onion ring appetizer!




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