Find a Happy Place

The beach is my happy place, but now I’m finding joy outside my windows here at home. I saw a red-headed woodpecker yesterday–the first one I’ve seen in a few years– and it made my heart leap.

But I only saw it because I was looking.

Take time to look for joy during these stressful days. You might be surprised by what you see.

I’ll use this blog each day to share things that might make coping easier. Sometimes that might be exercises or recipes or links to things I think you’d want to know. Like this:

The Calm app is sharing some great tools to help us take care of our minds and stay grounded. And these tools are free.

They have created a 
free resource page with meditations, stories, music, talks and more, all hand-picked to support your mental and emotional wellness.

You’ll find soothing meditations, sleep meditations, calming music and (my favorite) sleep stories. There are even tips and techniques for helping calm our kids.

Take a deep breath. Look around you wherever you are right now.

Find some joy. Take care.

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