Chicago in About 48 Hours


Chicago in fewer than 48 hours still is exciting. Here’s how:

Lunch at The Purple Pig (a James Beard Award-winner). An afternoon at the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s the second-largest art museum in the U.S. It was hard to walk away from Monet’s Wheatstacks in any season. Dinner at Sepia. They do amazing things with okra here:  The seeds were scraped out and picked and the pods julienned and flash-fried. That’s a rose made of orange rind floating in my delicious drink. Spend a few hours in the beautiful Chicago Cultural Center.


Brunch at La Sirena Clandestina. It’s Brazilian and in Fulton Market. You can walk there and back from downtown (partially along the lovely Riverwalk). Find your way into a tall building for the view. Walk around the city and look at the cool bridges and stop in at the McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum to learn about what you’re seeing. A visit to Millennium Park and Cloud Gate (aka The Bean). There’s no better place for a selfie with your sweetie.


Breakfast at Eggy’s Diner. An architectural river tour with Shoreline Sightseeing. Look closely in the photo below, top left. That’s our tour boat reflected in the building.


Chicago. Somewhat done.

Maybe I need to go back.

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