U-Pick Lavender

The u-pick opportunities in Alabama abound—strawberries, blueberries, sunflowers, muscadines, tomatoes, pumpkins and even Christmas trees.  Now add fragrant lavender to that fun list. Lavender Wynde Farm in Harvest, located in the rolling foothills north of Huntsville, is inviting the public to the farm to pick their own lavender Friday and Saturday, June 12 and 13, … Continue reading U-Pick Lavender

Fresh, Bright Flavors at the Wildflower Cafe

Over the years, Wildflower Café has become a dining destination in Mentone, which is, of course, its own awesome destination atop Lookout Mountain. I traveled to Mentone recently for Alabama NewsCenter to spotlight this unique restaurant. You can read the entire story here. Café owner Laura Catherine Moon (just “Moon” to everyone she knows and … Continue reading Fresh, Bright Flavors at the Wildflower Cafe

Summer Edit Part 2: More Food and Drink and Life

St. George Island never disappoints. Even on a cloudy day, and those have been few, it's my favorite place to be. Life is here simple:  hours and hours of reading books on the beach under a huge umbrella. We listen to Oyster Radio (100.5 WOYS) and don't turn on the television. I've had oyster dates with … Continue reading Summer Edit Part 2: More Food and Drink and Life

Odette is Destination Dining in Florence

For nearly five years, Odette owner Celeste Pillow and executive chef Josh Quick and their team have helped downtown Florence, Alabama flourish--one delicious dish at a time. The casual, upscale restaurant is one of a growing number of locally owned, small businesses drawing people back to this exciting town’s downtown. Read more about Odette here … Continue reading Odette is Destination Dining in Florence

44 Hours (approximately) in Asheville, NC

I love sharing Birmingham with friends. I love just as much when friends share their own special places with me--opening my eyes to something I don't see every day. My husband, Rick, and I recently spent about 44 hours in Asheville, North Carolina, with our friends April and Sid and Bob and Tondee. April was … Continue reading 44 Hours (approximately) in Asheville, NC

Mississippi Tamales and More, Thanks to a Los Angeles Mariachi Band

LIfe's little surprises often remain hidden unless you're paying attention. At the Southern Foodways Alliance Winter Symposium held in Birmingham recently, I heard the celebrated female mariachi band La Victoria perform a concert of corridos (storytelling folk songs). They sang about many things including a woman who traveled with her food--and food memories--packed in a suitcase. … Continue reading Mississippi Tamales and More, Thanks to a Los Angeles Mariachi Band

View from Notre-Dame’s Towers

The awesomely grotesque chimeras (including the famous le Stryge) high above Paris were a few of the rewards for climbing the more than 400 twisty, corkscrew steps all the way up to the belfry of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral.  There are safety nets everywhere you look, but there also are little holes in these nets--just … Continue reading View from Notre-Dame’s Towers